M&S safety valves

M&S spring-loaded safety valves are TÜV component-tested valves that are used to protect hygienic pressure-bearing systems, such as pressure vessels or piping systems, in the event of an impermissible increase in pressure. When the set pressure is reached is reached, the valve opens, thereby reducing the system pressure. After the overpressure has been reduced, the valve closes and the system can continue to be operated safely.

The M&S spring-loaded safety valves comply with the specification of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU) as a safety device for pressure limitation or pressure relief in production systems.

 Optionally, they can be equipped with lead sealing, pneumatic lifting, CIP device, position feedback and valve heating.

For relief in case of impermissible pressure increase in containers and piping systems with normal and higher demands on cleanability.

  • For non-toxic gases, steams and neutral, non-adhesive liquids (fluids group II)
    • HyCom spring-loaded safety valve (HyCom FSV)
  • HyCom safety valve
    • Hygienic design with optimum cleanability
    • Flow-optimised dead space-free spherical housing
    • Very good cleanability and sterilisability (CIP/SIP)
    • Seat cleaning manual, optional pneumatic lifting
    • Constant set pressure
    • TÜV component tested

HyCom safety valves spring loaded

The M&S safety valve spring loaded with the spherical housing and the hygienic design



DN 25 – 100 : HyCom FSV


316L – 1.4404




In contact with product
Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
Not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm

Finish = drehblank