M&S Armaturen - Partner instead of supplier

M&S was founded in January 1983 and today, with 300 employees, manufactures high-quality stainless steel fittings as well as various special parts for the beverage and food industry, the pharmaceutical as well as the cosmetic and chemical industry.


It is the third largest sector of the food and beverage industry and, with the brewing industry, soft drinks and mineral springs, a major consumer of M&S products.

In particular, the extensive range of pipe forming and connecting parts as well as valve technology can be found in many production plants.

Food safety according to HACCP and IFS is an important requirement in the production of food. We support this task of the manufacturers with the properties of our products and have been a reliable partner for this branch of industry for years. A large part of our service program is applied here.

Our HyCom and PharmCom product lines with connections, components and fittings, for the production of complete piping systems in the same material quality, hygiene class and orbital weldable design, are used for the highest pipe classes in aseptic applications.

M&S valve technology with an advanced hygienic design ensures shorter cleaning and sterilization processes (CIP/SIP).

M&S valves and components, made of special materials such as titanium, Hastelloy or 1.4539, are used for aggressive media and are in great demand by our customers in the chemical industry. M&S also has the right valves in its portfolio for processing viscous products.

Our Basics

Our basic product range includes a wide range of pipe connections and fittings, disc valves and ball valves, strainers and container fittings, including the necessary installation accessories. Our product range is rounded off by the hygienic product lines PharmCom and Hycom.


Msa Ventile Basic


The right valve for your process

Msa Siebe Basic


The filter solutions for many applications

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Piping components

The basic material for your assembly

Msa Hygienearmaturen Basic Alt

Hygienic fittings

Highest demands on material, surface and design

You have a problem?

We have the solution - Our special parts production

In addition to our extensive standard program, we offer you the possibility of using our many years of experience in the field of special solutions and manufacture according to your specifications.

In normal or high qualities and tube classes, incl. individual documentation in the materials 304/304L or 316L/1.4404 or 1.4435 and special materials such as 1.4539, titanium or Hastelloy. Fully automatic (robot or orbital tongs), semi-automatic (turntable) or manually welded. Surfaces pickled, brushed, ground or e-polished.

Msa Dreh Frästeile

Turned and milled parts

Turned and milled parts

  • modified standard components
  • Recordings
  • Adapter
  • Pump connections
  • Special flanges

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Assemblies and modules

Assemblies and modules

  • Panels and pipe fences
  • Manifolds and pipeline segments
  • CIP equipment
  • Cooling and heating modules
  • Fittings with double jacket

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Msa Kleinbehälter Gehäuse

Small containers and housings

Small containers and housings

  • Assemblies according to pressure equipment directive
  • Special screens

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We make warehouse management more efficient, more transparent and more powerful. Our modern high-bay warehouse is able to realise a customer-specific processing and to guarantee a high availability with a high delivery reliability at the same time. Also in the future we will be able to provide sufficient capacity for our customers. Our customers rely on permanent dynamic transparency of all stock levels of the fully automated high-bay warehouse, which can be called up at any time via our M&S online shop.

In order to meet customer requirements on the one hand and to be able to grow further on the other, the high-bay warehouse is supported by additional complex paternoster storage systems. This optimises the workflows, as semi-finished products for our supply chain are preferably stored here.

Due to its direct connection to production, the warehouse can directly accommodate the internal production flow. In addition to standard components - our basics - customer-specific special parts are also stored.

  • over 5.000.000 articles in stock
  • over 250,000 customer-specific components
  • over 1,500 t of finished parts in stock
  • nearly 25.000 different articles
  • more than 50,000 storage compartments

Always up to date - information about M&S

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ATEX certification for M&S butterfly valves SV04

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EU type examination according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU for zone 0/20 resp. 1/21

After successful acceptance by the TÜV Rheinland, our butterfly…

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Alloy surcharge - June 2024

 bar steelwelded pipes
1.4301/3042,67 € / kg2,66 € / kg
1.4307/304L2,67 € / kg2,66 € / kg
1.4404/316L4,24 € / kg4,32 € / kg
1.4435/316L4,84 € / kg4,87 € / kg
1.4571/316Ti4,27 € / kg4,38 € / kg

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