Pigging technology - serviced by our subsidiary

The M&S pigging system includes all fittings and components necessary for the construction of a piggable process line. Depending on the requirements of the product and/or the process, the components of the BASE//LINE program can be supplemented with fittings from the PRO//LINE and HY//LINE ranges.


  • Consulting for the integration of pigging technology
    Visual internal inspection and evaluation of existing piping by means of endoscope or video pigging
  • Design of the right hardware for the pigging project
    Selection of the optimal transmitting and receiving stations as well as the other required fittings, e.g. branches
  • Preparation of planning documents
    Sequence descriptions and cross tables for automation
  • Design, manufacture and delivery of the required assemblies
    from the pigging technology product range: piggable fittings and pipe components
  • Support of installation and commissioning
    Consulting of the executing installation company for the professional installation of the pigging components

Almost loss-free product transfer

Fast product change

no mixing phases

saving of pipelines

longer operating times of the cleaning media

less pollution of the waste water

energy saving

avoidance of deposits

If the basics do not include a suitable solution for you, we will be happy to work with you to create an individual concept for your process.

With the extensive M&S pigging fittings program, we are able to provide a suitable combination of sending and receiving stations, piggable fittings and components for almost any application.

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