Sight glasses and -lanterns

M&S sight glasses and lanterns (cylinder sight glasses) are used for the visual observation of fluids (liquid media) in hygienic systems, e.g. in pipelines, in containers and apparatus.

The viscosity, colour, mixing ratios or flow behaviour of the respective fluid can be observed.     

M&S manufactures sight glasses, cylinder sight glasses and sight glass fittings, which can be type-wise selected according to the customer's requirements and the desired information needs. 

  • For visual observation and optical control of fluids
  • In pipelines, containers and apparatus with normal demands on hygienic properties
  • Sight glasses, cylinder sight glasses, sight glass fittings
    • Cleanable (CIP)
    • Safe to operate
    • Cost-effective design
    • Can be combined with lightning equipment
  • Sight glass fittings
    • Connection possibility for
      • Valves (e.g. sampling or venting)
      • Measuring instruments (e.g. pressure or temperature measurement)

Cylinder sight glass

Sight glass

Sight glass fitting


DN 10 – 150 : Schaulaterne
DN 25 – 150 : Schauglas (Bullauge)
DN 25 -100 : Schauglasarmatur


304/304L  1.4301/1.4307

316L – 1.4404




In contact with product
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm
Not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 3,2 µm

Finish = bright
sight glass fitting = polished