We replace plastic packaging with paper packaging

Not like that any more!

M&S goes green! ♻️
We at M&S Armaturen are also looking for ways to make our production and logistics even more sustainable every day. 🌱

We have already made particular progress in the area of packaging. From now on, our products will only travel to our customers with recycled and reusable paper-based padding material. 📦

For shipping, we now use PaperJet® paper pads that have been awarded the Blauen Engel. This kraft paper replaces more than 100,000 square metres of bubble wrap and around 1,000 litres of two-component foam that we used to use every year. But it was a long process until then, because work processes had to be changed and new machines had to be purchased. ⌛️

Sustainability at M&S