M&S Sampling valves

M&S sampling valves are used to take samples of liquids from containers or pipelines. Depending on the purpose of sampling, different sampling systems are used. The properties of the product, the quantity as well as the sampling requirements determine the selection of the suitable sampling valve.

Various designs of sampling valves with different connections are available for most applications in hygienic plants and on containers.

  • Taking liquid and viscous samples from containers and pipelines in hygienic installations.
  • Aeration and deaeration of containers and pipelines in hygienic installations.
  • Sterile sampling with disposable suction syringe without opening the valve (variant with plug).
  • Sampling valve with O-Ring and with plug
  • Front-flush shut-off to the product area.
  • Dead space free design.
  • Completely drainable.
  • Very good cleanability and sterilisability (CIP/SIP).
  • Flammable (optional O-ring design).
  • Valve spindle with opening for sampling with disposable suction syringe.
  • Handwheel with anti-rotation device.

Sampling valve with O-ring and plug

Valve for biological and microbiological sampling by opening and closing by means of a handwheel.


Sampling valve aspetic version

Aspetic sampling by opening and closing by menas of handwheel or pneumatic actuator.


Sampling valve without hygienic requirements

Vent valves mainly for venting or sampling liquids.



DN 6 – 40


304/304L  1.4301/1.4307

316L – 1.4404




In contact with product
Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
Not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm

Finish = lathe clean