M&S pressure relief valve

M&S pressure relief valves are spring-loaded valves for setting a system or line pressure. It protects pressure-sensitive components such as pumps, heat exchangers or fillers against an impermissible increase in pressure. When the set pressure is reached, the valve opens and thus reduces the system pressure. These pressure relief valves are mainly used for systems with normal hygienic requirements.

For high demands on cleanability and for aseptic applications, M&S pressure relief valves are available with a diaphragm sealing system.

  • For relief in the event of an impermissible pressure increase (not a component-tested safety valve!)
  • in piping systems and containers with normal demands on hygienic properties
  • Simple assembly and adjustment of the set pressure
  • Operationally safe and robust
  • Can be cleaned and sterilised (CIP/SIP)
  • Metal stop for gasket
  • Easy gasket replacement while maintaining set pressure
  • Seat cleaning manually or optionally with pneumatic lifting unit

Diaphragm relief valves

For high demands on cleanability and for aspeptic applications, M&S-relief valves are available with a diaphragm sealing system.   


Diaphragm relief valves with pneumatic lifting cylinder

The diaphragm relief valve can be additionally equipped with a pneumatic lifting cylinder for pressure relief in the cleaning circuit or for automated cleaning of the valve inner area.


Relief valve with valve cone

The proven M&S relief valve



DN 25 – 80


304/304L – 1.4301/1.4307

316L – 1.4404




In contact with product
Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
Not in contact with product
Ra ≤ 1,6 µm

Finish = lathe clean