M&S Dirt collecting filter

M&S dirt collecting filters are used in process plants for the filtration of liquids in a pipeline. Unwanted particles are filtered out so that downstream components are protected. Basically, they consist of a cylindrical housing with a cylindrical strainer insert made of perforated plate, gauze or slotted tube.

The open areas of the screen inserts are dimensioned in such a way that the pressure loss is as low as possible.

  • Retention and removal of unwanted particles by size in pumpable media
  • Protection against foreign bodies in sensitive system parts, such as pumps, apparatus and valves
  • Ensuring the required product quality
  • High flow rate due to large open area
  • Flow in both direction possible with perforated plate or sandwich type
  • Simple assembly and handling
  • Very easy to clean and sterilise
  • Cleaning of strainer without removing the housing
  • Sieve body with lid and support ring fully or partially welded, depending on the version
  • Stable design of the strainer insert

Screen lid

  • welded type (standard)
  • plugged type with o-ring sealing in the blind cover
  • screwed type with round thread screwed into the blind cover

Sieve body

  • perforated sheet (round holse 0,5 mm to 10 mm) optional x 10 mm
  • perforated sheet with gauze (45 to 1000 my) – inside or outside, depending on flow direction
  • sandwich type: combination of perforated sheet/gauze/perforated sheet
  • slotted strainer from 10 my to 5000 my – flow direction from inside to outside (FITO) and optional from outside to inside (FOTI)


DN 25 – 100


304/304L  1.4301/1.4307

316L – 1.4404




Finish = polished (ground) or matt blasted