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One of the most important things in life is our health and we can feel grateful when we are healthy. But what about

the people who aren’t so lucky, who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?

Every 12 minutes, someone in Germany receives the diagnosis of blood cancer, including many children and young people. A blood stem cell transplant from a matching donor is often the only chance of survivial.
The non-profit organization DKMS recruits matching blood stem cell donors for blood cancer patients all over the world and promotes research for the best possible treatment, in order to improve the chance of survivial. Every cent counts in the fight against blood cancer, since the registration of every new potential donor costs DKMS 35 €.

These costs are not covered by health insurance companies.
This year, we are helping to recruit more potential lifesavers in the fight against blood cancer by foregoing our Christmas presents for customers and business partners. Among other things, our donation means more people can register as new blood stem cell donors, increasing the chances of patients worldwide finding their matching donor and getting a second chance at life.
Is there anything better at Christmas than giving the gift of a second chance at life?


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