An employer with whom you can constantly develop further!

We consciously see ourselves as a company that bears responsibility. For the people of our region, for the people we work with and for the people who use and apply our products. We live positive cooperation, collegiality and team spirit. Look forward to an exciting environment in which your personal development as well as openness for ideas, enthusiasm for the common goals and cohesion among the employees are in the foreground.


HR Generalist / Personnel Officer

As an HR generalist / personnel officer, you work as an all-rounder in human resources. You deal with all areas of Human Resources (HR) such as personnel management, recruitment or personnel development. You will also be involved in personnel administration such as personnel development and will be responsible for hiring, firing and managing employees.

Strategic buyer

As a Strategic Buyer at M&S you should have assertiveness, good negotiating skills and technical understanding. You will deal with the set-up of a supplier management system, take care of the coordination of planned deliveries from suppliers and carry out bid comparisons and inquiries.

Quality assurance employee

As a quality assurance employee, you are responsible for ensuring product quality testing according to test plans and drawings. You develop and create documents and certificates according to customer requirements. Likewise you take care of the handling of complaints and request rework. The final quality control is also in your hands.

TIG welder

As a TIG welder at M&S you have no problems welding pipes and containers. You know the "four-eyes-principle" very well and can join finished and semi-finished parts by hand welding according to drawings? Apply now! Knowledge of materials in the field of stainless steel desirable but not a prerequisite.

Machinist specialising in turning technology

As a cutting machine operator specializing in lathe systems, you have found a profession that seamlessly combines craftsmanship, technology and information technology. You will create programs for our machines and set them up. Your tasks will also include the independent production of drawings for parts.

Not only the knowledge or skills are important for us - also the chemistry plays an important role


Isn't it true that you get the best results when you work together rather than against each other?

We place a lot of emphasis on working together, because this allows everyone to achieve personal goals and continually develop.

Taking advantage of opportunities also means taking risks, and we are always prepared to do this. We support a culture in which it is allowed to make mistakes. Decisions are made without fear of setbacks or a queasy feeling in the stomach.


Through our transparent actions, we promote the social responsibility of our company. We are a friend of diversity and inclusion.


Nobody is perfect, nor should they be - it is important to us to constantly expand our professional and methodical knowledge and to continuously strive for optimisation and improvement.


My name is David Rebitzer and I work as a warehouse logistics specialist / shift supervisor. How did I come to work here? - My story at M&S:

I started at M&S in November 2014 as a warehouse logistics specialist and worked mainly in the areas of incoming goods, order picking and dispatch.

Back in 2016, the management offered me the position of shift supervisor, which I still hold today. What I like most about it is the coordination of the individual processes and employees.

My aim is to take on the position of Dispatch Manager in the future, as this will allow me to play a significant role in the development of M&S logistics and give me the opportunity to contribute my accumulated experience and ideas.

In order to acquire the know-how, expertise and skills required for this position, I started part-time master school in 2020 in order to successfully complete it as a logistics master.

That is up to you, just as you like. By mail or by mail.

The easiest way to process applications is to send them to us by e-mail: bewerbung@ms-armaturen.de. This ensures that they reach the right person quickly and can be answered quickly. In this way, they will reach the right contact person quickly and securely and can be answered quickly. Alternatively, you can also send your documents by post to the following address: M&S Armaturen GmbH, Human Resources Department, Industriestrasse 24-26, 26446 Friedeburg.

However, spontaneous visits are a little difficult, as our contact persons are often involved in appointments or discussions.

Not only grades or skills are important for us - chemistry also plays an important role. We are looking for employees who fit into our team and have fun at work, the decisive factor is not the grades but the character.

First of all, we check the documents you send us, this usually happens within several days. After the checks, we will contact you and arrange an appointment for an interview. After this, you should receive feedback from us a short time later.

Basically, each conversation is conducted individually. The questions and topics are dependent of the job you are applying for. Basically, however, it is expected that applicants know where they are applying and what the company does.

Of course, this is done quite unbureaucratically. As a rule, you will receive feedback on the last day of the internship whether you will be hired or not. With a trial work you can get an overview of the company and the work in peace.

Unsolicited applications are always welcome. Even if there is no vacancy available, we will be happy to get back to you.

Do you have any questions about a position we offer? Our personnel department can be reached by telephone on the following number: 04465-80790 and will provide you with advice and assistance.

You would like to apply intiatively?
No problem, feel free to write to us.